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Ballon Bleu

Cartier Ballon Bleu Faux Watches:

The manufacturer didn’t start paying attention to round timepieces for their Ballon Bleu series until 2007. For women, the original collection ranged from flat 28-mm timepieces to bigger 46-mm models. Its crown showed the blue cabochon, and designs either included dials with Roman numerals or diamond inlays.

The most expensive piece is covered with diamonds and 18-karat gold. The tempered sapphire, which powers the watch’s automatic caliber, is another reason for the price. The flying tourbillon, which serves as a second-hand display, is one of its most distinctive features. They also play on the blue theme by having an enamel covering with a translucent blue layer.

In addition to gold watches, stainless steel watches are also available in more contemporary styles. Due to the tastes of royalty and celebrities, recent editions also feature a wider range of diameter sizes.

Additionally, Cartier recently debuted the Ballon Bleu Carbon series, which exudes a more sporty vibe. Compared to earlier designs, it is more durable and scratch-resistant thanks to its carbon-based coating. It also has a sleeker appearance thanks to the carbon finish.

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