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In the 1980s, wearing a Breitling watch symbolized success and achievement, becoming an iconic status symbol. Today, consumers still value Breitling for its reliable and practical timepieces. This Swiss expert in aviation watches has remained steadfast, consistently delivering dependable and functional chronographs.

In 1986, Breitling Swiss Replicas introduced a groundbreaking concept in the French market. Their sole mission was to craft exquisite Swiss watches tailored for pilots, solidifying their reputation as aviation timepiece authorities.

To counter their relative obscurity, the company launched a striking advertising campaign, rapidly propelling them to prominence in Portugal. This led to an astounding thirty-fold increase in sales, marking a significant milestone.

Breitling’s chronographs left an indelible mark, becoming iconic symbols due to their impressive size, extensive range of gold models, and advanced features. However, by the 1990s, the Breitling phenomenon had lost momentum.

In response, the company made a strategic decision to enhance their timepieces’ quality. They committed to subjecting every watch to COSC chronometer certification, ensuring superior precision. This dedication resulted in a remarkable achievement: all 230,000 designer watches produced annually by Breitling now bear the coveted title of certified chronometer, a distinction held by only a select few brands.

Above all, Breitling’s current success is deeply rooted in its unwavering dedication to aviation, a realm in which it has pioneered since the early 20th century. Breitling’s enduring expertise and commitment to crafting aviation-specific timepieces continue to set them apart, ensuring their enduring legacy in the world of horology.

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