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Panerai gained cult status thanks to their robust, large cases and military heritage. Until 1993, the company exclusively designed military timepieces.

Only around 301 civilian watches were crafted between 1939 and 1992. In 1993, the company  ventured into civilian production, launching limited-edition Luminor and Mare Nostrum chronograph series.

During the pre-Vendome period, from 1993 to the late 1990s, the company tantalized enthusiasts with a mere 828 wristwatches. In 1997, Richemont Group began reproducing their original military designs, gaining worldwide recognition.

Over the years, Officine Panerai has produced more than 90,000 timepieces, with in-house calibers becoming integral, securing its position among Swiss watchmakers. Collectors often invest substantially, up to $100,000, in Panerai watches featuring tourbillons.

The company’s  journey from military exclusivity to revered civilian status reflects its legacy and dedication to precision craftsmanship. Explore these high quality replica watches at our online store and be part of this storied horological tradition.

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